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Who is Anja Schierholt who is behind ANIA SCHIERHOLT?
Where does the collection's distinctive style come from?
Since many of my customers ask about it, I'll tell you about myself today.

My suggestions have inner roots. My ideas are conviction, my intuition and my closeness to myself. I close my eyes and my creative journey begins...

I was born in Essen in 1964 and moved to the country to start school. There I was dressed in “urban chic” and immediately became an oddball of casually dressed classmates.
I learned early on that “clothes make the man.”

Influenced by teenage crushes I found the freak scene interesting. To please and out of opposition to I tried the flea market look at my parents' house. But this transformation, also not authentic, was unsuccessful, because secretly I preferred wearing it Models from my fashion-savvy mother.

After graduating from high school in Baden-Baden, I got the opportunity at the Staatstheater Stuttgart Complete a 3-year tailoring apprenticeship. I became acquainted with the world of fantasy.

I made my first wearables privately striking trouser suits for friends.

After various internships, I studied at the Stuttgart State Fashion School. My first permanent job in draft was in a mainstream company. There I had to and could implement trends – However, I didn't feel like I had arrived.

The question of what will become fashion has always been in my mind suspicious and I quickly sensed that I will become a loner in the industry.

In the meantime I got to know Sonja Marohn, who revived her fashion line. She offered me the opportunity as a designer to develop freely and work independently.

At the same time I found after more than two decades my creative and chaotic father, who lived in South Africa, again. This difficult encounter has mine fashionable world changed. XXL men's sweaters became my cocoon.

This implementation in a casual layered look was initially with Sonja Marohn to a success story. I worked for Sonja Marohn for 15 years, until I felt the need for change.

The idea of ​​our own line matured. My strengths include structure, organization, Clarity and creativity. A lack of financial cushion couldn't help me stop you from trusting in me.

A small, elegant one was created in the back room Ready-made loungewear collection in full business with Turkey. Schierholt Sensewear. First desired customers in the area of I toured Closed / Drykorn personally and was able to inspire the majority.

During this time I met Markus, met my 2nd husband. Markus, at home in physics and technology, had to me quickly in all phases and areas of the new company. Thanks to his efforts, I was able to get to Ania Schierholt develop successfully.

I was already learning Beate Sturmer Sonja Maroh knows and appreciates times. At first she supported me at trade fairs, now in our complete Germany/Austria sales incredible appointed in their position.

Many years of setbacks followed and learning processes up to the qualitative level perfect production partner in Poland and Hungary were found, as well as friendly and committed people Agencies, such as Grande's in Switzerland.

In 2017 we opened our first monostore, the Mono 1.
Interior design is my second passion.

After almost 13 years of being self-employed I am proud and incredibly grateful to experience such great popularity.

Staying with yourself is and remains my credo.

My new projects:

I'm currently using knitwear from Italy integrated product line, combined with the hope that the Italian Partner will meet my requirements.

Markus and his friends also wished a shirt collection made from my soft materials. This is how Aspuro – the long sleeve company – just came into being. in the online segment.