Passion clothing

Today I would like to say thank you.

Thanks to my numerous and loyal customers who love and appreciate my intuitive style that fits in with the times.
Thanks to my small family company, my wonderful husband and employees and thanks to my reliable and careful production facilities in Hungary and Poland.
United in an enthusiastic and well-structured teamwork, the 23rd collection is now being created under my label ANIA SCHIERHOLT.

Every season a learning process - very close to my own handwriting - always an open ear for customer needs - always surprising and yet be unmistakably Ania Schierholt.
I would describe my line as unexcited luxury. A casual, pure extravagance with a noble appearance.
Sensual; valuable; easy-care and absolutely suitable for everyday use.

Please just wear it. Feel and experience yourself what can be expressed in clothing.

Many people ask whether Ania Schierholt is also available online and we declare ourselves with a clear "No".
Due to my stylistic form and color language the collections are built upon each other and can be combined across seasons.
And from this follows NO SALE.

More than ever we need to enjoy the haptic experience of shopping, in cities that invite you to stroll.
A pleasure to catch you!

Yours cordially,
Ania Schierholt

Stuttgart, October 2020